Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Truth or truth??? :S

Random facts / the truth bout NG that probably some of you never knew…though I’m guessin those really close to me would know most of it…
10. I had a pet lizard, as in a house lizard, named lizzie when I was living in brickfields…she used to run around the dining table and I used to feed her…I wish the lizards here were like her but sighhh no 2 personalities are the same..i guess so is the case for lizards? :(
9. I didn’t want to be a veterinarian because the thought of watchin a dog die upsets me more than watching a person die.
8. I love eating chicken rice because it’s so easy to eat & at the same time its tasty…. (I only order boneless chicken for my chicken rice…I’m that lazy)
7. I’d like to believe that the world is a wonderful place to live in and no one does u harm if you don’t do harm to them but clearly that’s not the case
6. I don watch horror movies because I don want to pay money to freak myself out...and even if someone paid for me I wouldn’t watch it cz I don see the point of freaking myself out watching a movie..Movies are supposed to be relaxing
5. I hate surprises…any form of surprises..birthday, sudden visits from random friends, results….anything…I think even if my bf proposed to me over dinner in a fancy restaurant I’d hate it…I hate surprises that much! :S
4. I never knew how to fry a egg until Bryan taught me how to over the phone when I was 17 :S n even then I ended up forgetting salt and the egg was tasteless
3. I tried to make jelly and the instructions said 400ml but I put 500ml of water incase 100 ml evaporated while the water was boiling with the jelly in it… :S my jelly turned out watery even after leaving it over night in the fridge
2. I would like to go back in time to standard 3…everythin seemed perfect and right when I was 9….
1. I have a huge fascination with my teeth…I love getting it scaled….i love the feeling of the scaling equipment against my teeth and I love the feeling of my teeth after I’ve done scaling…I’m so obsessed with it that I go into the bathroom and start brushing my teeth whenever I see my toothbrush (for the 1st 2 days after my scaling)

Monday, November 16, 2009


Its been quite a stressful month…so much of drama can go on between girls in just ONE month… honestly wow! And it all started cz of 1 small misunderstanding…gosh…makes u luk at things very differently doesn’t it…how fragile relationships are…how sensitive people are…how egoistic people can be…how everything can go wrong coz of 1 sentence.. I’m not sayin I’m any better than anyone here…I guess I’m just another part of the whole drama also ;) haha..well good news is it over…life’s back to normal…n I’m gonna do everythin in my capacity to keep it that way… : )

So what’s new with me? Lets see doing respi now…god I feel like hangin myself…I’m so bored in class...not a good sign I know…but honestly, god!!!there’s only so much of Bohr’s effect a person can listen to! :-/ its not only me, a classmate of mine defined Bohr’s effect as a pretty borin effect! So you see, I’m not alone in this world of ‘oh god! Physiology! Kill me I don want to sit through another 3 hrs of this! :-/ ‘

Ohh the entertaining part of my week is 2 of my frenz are down with chicken pox! Lolz! What are the odds of that? 2 people having the SAME NAME with the SAME SICKNESS at the SAME TIME…lolz! Its pretty entertaining..esp when u knw the both of them….haha..1 drinks whiskey as a cure while the other eats pork…they’re just so so so damn funny… :) don ask me! I’ve never heard of whiskey o pork as a cure for chicken pox but its sure a cure for my boredom..atleast I have constant entertainment and I can laugh about it durin physio classes…besides that I really have nothing much to do…yes I could pick up guyton and start reading but honestly that hardly sounds like fun…well no one said studyin was fun rite?

Signing off now…so you still think I should just take off my blog? How to write about u if I do? ;)

Over and out,
-a very bored N.G-

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It could happen, couldn’t it? :S

I’ve been reading this book...can u keep a secret by sophie kinsella, same lady who wrote shopaholic...its wonderful...well not as good as shopaholic but still it makes me makes me me that slight flicker of hope that life could turn out ok (well better than ok actually...great!)...that i might meet a guy who' s gripped by my craziness and dramatic life! LOLZ! Someone who could put up with the gal that drives to melacca when we were actually heading for port Dickson, to the temple going freak that i turn into during thaipusam! Not to mention the endless cryin i do half my life (i think that’s the major chunk of the dramatic life part) could happen, couldn’t someone out of the blues that’s funny, sarcastic, quick thinking, loving and easy going – as in i’m a total mess myself...someone that could put up with the mess i am and not freak out or worry about it....i’m not saying i’m a total mess like i have a huge number of unpaid bills and i’m jobless or what not...i’m just saying i’m a mess as in i don’t have a plan for tomorrow...i go with the flow...i do then worry (well, that wasn’t very caused me to end up in a lot of shit..not once but twice)....but that’s wat i’m saying...someone who could put up with all that and love me for the crack pot i would be nice to meet someone like that...someone who sweeps me off my feet and takes me by surprise..the perfect guy...the perfect date..the perfect night...the perfect would be really really nice...haha...fiction-that’s what my friend said...its a book...these things don exist in real life...but come on, you can’t just make the whole story up...its got to be real to a certain aspect...who knows...positive might work....

*fingers crossed*

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lost but found :D

Been missing for the past 2 days…not entirely my fault…leena’s back!:) When leena’s back the world just turns upside down…she reached sp at 7.30am on Sunday & ever since then god! We’ve been on the move! :S I feel like an old lady exhausted after taking care of a 5 year old! :S nevertheless great to have her back…:) its like a bundle of happiness…then again with the amount of weight she has put on she its more like a sack of happiness… hehe… but its great to see the gang all together in No 7 taman tasek, semeling… :)

Sitting in the hall right now waiting for sangeetha to pick us up…leena’s stressed…she’s having an anxiety attack!! Haha…what a cartoon! How can you be stressed to attend a registration?! God! Leena! Funny how I end up stuck with all the weird ones! :P this guy she likes just messaged her telling her not to act like a foundation student! Haha! He took the words right out of my mouth! :P Btw, Suddenly, she’s not stressed anymore! Lolz! *shaking head from right to left* Leena maa leena maa… :P

Was planning to watch G.I.Joe again last Sunday…yes yes I watched it on Saturday already but that was with sangeetha alone..this time tot the whole gang would go…and we were planning to go to butterworth…would have been so much fun… short lived plan though…Vidhya Gunasekaran! Our very famous last minute worker, Vidhya, kept her practicals for the last minute! 15 pictures to draw and colour…all not done! Bodo! So it ended up with muha colouring while she drew and wrote… I on the other hand joined vijaya nanthini & meena for dinner… we went for steam boat…it was a buffet sort of thing… you pay 18 bucks and you can eat as much as you want! :P how cool is that… *don do the 1 eyebrow raised thingy while thinkin nanthini you don eat much!* well I don! But it was fun anyway! Hmmp! By the end of it meena was convinced I didn’t eat for 18 bucks & I was convinced she ate for 36! :D so all in all it balanced up pretty well, wouldn’t you say? :P after dinner they dropped me off at KFC, my housemates were there with vidhya and leena! I got tupped by vidhya for not going to butterworth for G.I.Joe! the nerve that 1 has I tell you! Can u imagine she still hadn’t finished her drawing and colouring! They were doing it in KFC! To be honest she didn’t even finish it the next day! Muha was colouring for her in class! Vidhyaaaaaaaaaa…haihhh… :P

Ok I guess I got to get going now…leaving soon…have to go play elder sister for leena….

Over and out ppl…..have a great day…

Signing off,


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Good day…bt thanks to anitha it ended on a guilt trip-love u al the same babe! :-*

Had one of the best days in months! :D woke up at 8.30 (just to be clear waking up at 8.30 wasn’t my idea!!!stupid leena! God alone knows why u wake up so early!)had my bath…followed sang to do her car servicing…to my surprise that took like 15-20 mins! God, talk bout fast! At proton it takes hours! :S got done with that…went for breakfast at KFC…spent 8 bucks on wedges & mashed potato…I really think I got ripped off! Blood KFC! :@ met vinod..he came to get jam! Haha! Pampered rich kid! Comes all the way to CS for JAM!!! A BOTTLE OF JAM!!! (well he also came to pay his digi bill but if I mention that, he would sound like he had a good reason to come to CS…Cant really tuppe him then… :P ) Hahaha… well he left…sang &I were brain storming on what to do with the rest of our sat. god! Friday was bad enuf! Didn’t need to waste the Saturday too! :S finally decided to watch G.I.Joe!

GOD! Wat an awesome movie!! Haha! I wanna be the bad gal with a touch of the bad ninja guy!:) *bang bang bang* and *woom woom woom*… those are the sounds of my guns and ninja blades in action… from now on call me… *bangs head on table* crap I can’t remember the bad guy’s name! :S aghhh! Nevertheless, I wanna be a mixture of both the bad guys from G.I.Joe…they’re much cooler than the good guys! :P and yes, I think I can be much more than just a fruit! :@
Had coffee at old town...came up to 4.20 per person…tot it was pretty reasonable, judging that I’ve been craving for really good coffee for sometime…(no! of cz I don knw how to mix coffee! Amma does it for me! Stop rolling your eyes and yelling mix your own coffee at home NG!!!) sang & I spent like 4 hrs there! Haha! it was real good Fun actually…spoke bout so many things! Didn’t know it would be that entertaining…:) met my baby tan there…god…the boy’s been hitting the track…he’s lost SO MUCH weight!!! Ahhhh…my baby tombe isn’t a tombe anymore…who’s gonna keep me warm when the air cond freezes me to death?!?!!? He’s got barely enough fat to keep himself warm! Wat bout me?!?!? *gasp! Fallin dead!* (ok ok you caught me! Baby tan isn’t thaaaaat thin la! Stil enough fat for both of us and probably errr..…kogil????) you know, I actually think he has a gf!! Damn it!! I’m jealous!! He’s my baby tan!! Aghhhh!!!! No more flying kisses and yelling out ‘sayang’ when I see him!! This sucks!:(

When for dinner at some Chinese restaurant called lucky something… :S good thai fried rice! Yum yum! Baby simba full!! Btw I knw the best curry puff shop in the whole of Malaysia! Not telling ya tho! U have to find it yourself…clue: its beside love and freedom! Hahah! :P *fingers rubbing the side of my temples while shaking head* don ask… :S

Came home at about 8…went up to my room to play BARN BUDDY!!!!! Hahahahah!! :D obsessed remember….n pet society…played till like 11pm…stole from ppl and even put my baby pet to sleep...then I met the terror of all times! No no…not talking about my mom! But someone very similar!! I’m talking bout anitha uthayakumaran!!! God!!! She took me on a guilt trip bout how I didn’t study the WHOLE day and what nonsense am I doin? And blah blah blah!! Wow! That lecture got me signed of barn buddy and pet society…I turned off the laptop and marched straight for the shower! Wow! She’s good! N I mean real good! Perfect mom material! :S scary…with a touch of love! :S

Well promised her I’ll do some notes…so that’s what I’m going to do now…Notes… * big huge sighhhhh*

Over and out guys

Signing off,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I wasted 14hrs of my fri! :S crap!

I just got out of the shower…its 1415… ha! Great! 14hrs of my Friday has been totally wasted…nop I didn’t sleep through breakfast and lunch…I played barn buddy!!!!! Hahahahah!!! God I love that game!!!i played it till 1.30 last nite, I woke up at 10.30 and continued playing barn buddy! God!!! Its addictive!!! :S its really quite a silly game! You’re given a plot of land and you’re supposed to grow crops on it…let them grow and you get to harvest them…its takes about 2 hrs o so…depending on the plant…well that’s not really the fun part…the fun part is while your plant is growin you get to go to your friends plot of land and steal their crops!!! God that’s so freakin fun!!! Then u sell the stuff u steal and get money!!! Oh my god!!! It feels like a rush of adrenaline each time I pick up someone else’s harvest!!!hahahah…and u can even leave bugs o weeds to kill their harvest…after you steal from it!! I left a few bugs at my friend’s plot of land…Hahaha…its so damn fun!!! My god!!! Now I knw how kleptomaniacs feel… hahahaha…I’ve stolen so much of harvest that I’ve reached my limt for the day! Damn it!:( so can’t wait for tomorrow…actually probably tonight! At 12..i’ll go steal again! Saha’s should be done by then!!i’ll steel from him!! Hehehe… (God! I sound like I’m losing it rite??? I see myself drifting away from the normal crowd heading towards people holding shovels, insecticide sprays, weed killers….) Vanesh!!! this is your doin!! Vanesh is the guy that introduced me to barn buddy!!aghhh!! ok ok I better get going…I need to do something useful or the guilt will kill me!

May your crops grow well fellow barn buddies….

over and out

-NG Sprout- :D

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Slowly but surely losing it….or maybe quickly and surely losing it.. :-/ losing it for sure!

Hello….this is me ….bloggin…god talk bout stating the obvious… :-/ k k I’m supposed to be sitting with my anatomy notes but honestly its so damn BORING!!! God…I keep slipping into dreamland like every 5 mins… :-/ of cz saha, at this pt I’m lying to you saying I’m eating cornflakes n studyin but tats not the entire truth now, is it…well I am eating cornflakes so tat part’s pretty true but the studyin part?!?!errr.... God!! Who cares bout wat nerve goes to your colon!!! :'( this is not how I had it planned ok?! Not at all!! I watched the whole season 4 of House and got totally inspired! Wohoo! I’m gonna be a mad doctor too! Be like him!! Yeah totally! That was the original plan… :-/ well, then I read shopaholic and wow!!!! I wanna be a terrible financial planner who quits her job to be a sales assistant at some boutique and meet a really cute businessman who falls inlove with me and pays for all my shopping bills, finds himself head over heels bout me, marries me and we have a beautiful baby gal!! :D joy!!!! :D wow!!! Talk bout 2 total opposite dreams huh??? N in my version of the shopaholic can the guy I meet be a duke?? :P with a castle?!?! Hahaha…. K k back to reality…well actually monisha was saying if I say it often enough and really mean it, it might become true…something bout the law of attraction… :D shall give that one a try! :)

Well I’m so bored I’ve started obsessing…n becoming very clingy n possessive…I think I’m driving a few people mad….not good…I soooo need a hobby…to keep myself busy…need to do something!!!anything!!! sleep! Now that’s a great option but I’ve got thing whole guilt trip goin on…and each time I lie on the bed I go into “wake up and study nan” mode but wen I sit with my notes I go into I’m becky bloomwood…I’m gonna be a shopaholic too!!!Muahahhahhaha….

I’ve finally gotten my earpiece for my mp3 player…wohoo! Mp3 player back in action after about a yr! the original earpiece crashed within 6 months of me buying the mp3 (thanks to my very careful ways of handling it :S stupid thing why do they have to make it soooo sensitive to water, stretching n dropping…stupid philips) then I thought I’ll be cheap and buy a 10 ringgit one from Tesco and that lasted bout 2 months before it started breaking into pieces-literally pieces :-/ stupid Tesco! Cows! Recently bout one at d pc fair in village mall…I went up to the guy said ‘ini berapa’ ‘he said 15’ I said ‘kasi 13’ not my fault…my ceylonese roots suddenly took control of my genioglossus, hyoglossus, chrondroglossus, styloglossus, glossopalatinus, longitudinalis linguae superior, inferior, tranversus linguae & verticalis linguae muscle (extrinsic and intrinsic tongue muscles-don knw which controls speech…ahh probably all…there’s a thought! :D ) it’s reflex! I just had to ask them to reduce the price! :-/ then vidhya says she wants one too…I tried to do it again..’saya ambil 2, kasi 10 ringgit satu la’ damn it!! this time it didn’t work! :( oh well…atleast I have my ear piece now! :D I get to jump around in my room listening to telegu songs! Wohoo!!! Sangeetha to be blamed for my sudden urge to sing and listen to telegu songs! She influenced me! Now I jump around the room singing ‘round n round’ n some other song called kinggini minggini…I can hardly pronounce but like to think I can sing it anyway! :P then there are the 3 tamil songs I listen to….from 5 star…well tatz bout it…I have a mp3 player, bought the earpiece, only to listen to 5 songs over n over n over again! :-/

Ok I guess I should get going now…mayb I can try to read Davidson pretending it’s the next book of the shopaholic…becky bloomwood meets Davidson o something like tat?!?! Aghhh!! I don think its gonna work…but I’ll give it a shot anyway…worse comes to worst I’ll just continue jumpin around the room to kinggini minggini! :D

May the force be with you…….over and out…..NG Skywalker! :D