Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Truth or truth??? :S

Random facts / the truth bout NG that probably some of you never knew…though I’m guessin those really close to me would know most of it…
10. I had a pet lizard, as in a house lizard, named lizzie when I was living in brickfields…she used to run around the dining table and I used to feed her…I wish the lizards here were like her but sighhh no 2 personalities are the same..i guess so is the case for lizards? :(
9. I didn’t want to be a veterinarian because the thought of watchin a dog die upsets me more than watching a person die.
8. I love eating chicken rice because it’s so easy to eat & at the same time its tasty…. (I only order boneless chicken for my chicken rice…I’m that lazy)
7. I’d like to believe that the world is a wonderful place to live in and no one does u harm if you don’t do harm to them but clearly that’s not the case
6. I don watch horror movies because I don want to pay money to freak myself out...and even if someone paid for me I wouldn’t watch it cz I don see the point of freaking myself out watching a movie..Movies are supposed to be relaxing
5. I hate surprises…any form of surprises..birthday, sudden visits from random friends, results….anything…I think even if my bf proposed to me over dinner in a fancy restaurant I’d hate it…I hate surprises that much! :S
4. I never knew how to fry a egg until Bryan taught me how to over the phone when I was 17 :S n even then I ended up forgetting salt and the egg was tasteless
3. I tried to make jelly and the instructions said 400ml but I put 500ml of water incase 100 ml evaporated while the water was boiling with the jelly in it… :S my jelly turned out watery even after leaving it over night in the fridge
2. I would like to go back in time to standard 3…everythin seemed perfect and right when I was 9….
1. I have a huge fascination with my teeth…I love getting it scaled….i love the feeling of the scaling equipment against my teeth and I love the feeling of my teeth after I’ve done scaling…I’m so obsessed with it that I go into the bathroom and start brushing my teeth whenever I see my toothbrush (for the 1st 2 days after my scaling)

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